Reverse Cattleman

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The Reverse Cattleman is just exactly that. Reverse the motion that the whip made for the Cattleman's Crack and make the whip crack behind you. Because your arm will not bend the same way backwards as it does forwards, your arm motion needs to be adapted.



How To

  1. Start with the whip laying out straight in front of you
  2. Draw the whip backward and overhead in a large, extended arc
    1. Start with your arm straight, pointed slightly in front of you, and palm facing upward
    2. The handle of the whip should be in a straight line with your arm
    3. Swing your arm backward
    4. When your arm is pointing straight down start turning your palm to face outward
    5. Let your elbow bend and roll your wrist so that the handle continues to smoothly more in a circle behind you
    6. Bring your hand up to about the level of your shoulder and continue to turn your wrist will the handle points forward about 45 degrees
  3. Just about the time that the cracker will hit the ground in front of you, swing the whip backward
    1. Start bringing your hand back down towards your waist
    2. Then straighten your wrist
    3. You should finish with your arm almost straight down with the whip handle pointing straight out behind you, almost level with the ground