Overhead Reverse

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The Overhead Reverse crack uses mechanics similar to the Overhead Crack but reverses the initial rotation, and therefore the cracking motion too.



How To

  1. Start with the whip laying across in front of you with the cracker pointing towards your off hand side
  2. Swing the whip outward and behind you, with your palm facing upward
    1. Once the whip is moving you can make multiple rotations overhead until you're ready to crack the whip
  3. When the handle is pointing behind your or even starting to point towards your head, pause your swing
  4. Allow the whip to continue around your head until the cracker is about to come into view
  5. Snap your wrist outward and point the handle back to the front, keeping your palm facing up
  6. The whip will travel over your head and crack in front of you