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Whip Crack Flow Chart

Welcome to the Whipipedia!

We're trying to make this the "goto place" to learn about single tail whips and the sport of whip cracking. Keep in mind this is a wiki. This means that anyone that has value they can contribute to it is welcome to do so, but it also means that it will forever be under construction and will never be complete.

This wiki is still very much a work in progress. If you see something missing, and happen to have that missing piece of knowledge, please share it! If you don't have the missing knowledge, then request it, maybe someone in the community will have the answer for you.

Take a Look Around

Anyone can read this wiki, but if you want to edit/create pages you're gonna need a login (see the next section about doing that).

Feel free to link to us.

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Want to Contribute?

A wiki is a publication that is collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience.

Just like any wiki, this site is not intended to be the work of one man, or even three or four. will only grow if YOU add to it. You do not have to be an whip expert to help, just enthusiastic and eager to share your knowledge. Click here if you want to help.