Cross Body Cattleman

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This is a Cattleman's crack done to the rear on your off side.



How To

  1. Start with the whip laying out in front of you, even with your off side shoulder
    1. Your arm should be across your body and reaching out towards the whip, keep the handle in line with the thong.
  2. Draw the whip to the rear
  3. As the whip passes your leg make sure the handle is angled slightly away from your body
    1. The motion should feel a little bit like painting the ground with a large paint brush
  4. Continue the swing of your arm
    1. Your upper arm will stop about level with the ground, but bend your elbow to continue the swinging motion until your forearm is pointing upwards
    2. The thong should swing overhead in a large arc
  5. When the cracker almost touches the ground in front, straighten your elbow out and point the handle of the whip towards your imaginary target behind you