Cattleman's Crack

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The Cattleman's Crack is probably the first crack that any new whip cracker should learn.


  • None! This is truly, the very first crack you should learn.


How To

  1. Start with the whip laying out straight behind you
  2. Draw the whip forward and overhead in a large, extended arc
    1. Start with your arm straight, pointed slightly behind you, and palm facing backwards
    2. The handle of the whip should be in a straight line with your arm
    3. Swing your arm upward, keeping your arm straight until it's about level with the ground
    4. Bend your elbow about 90 degrees, till it's pointing almost straight up
    5. Let your wrist bend backwards
  3. Just about the time that the cracker will hit the ground behind you, swing the whip forward
    1. Straighten your elbow
    2. Then straighten your wrist
  4. You should finish with your arm in a straight line with the whip handle pointing straight out from there, almost level with the ground

This crack should take very minimal effort, don't muscle it.