Tasmanian Cutback

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A crack that happens behind your back, typically after an overhead crack or fast figure 8. With good form, this should look and feel like a Cattleman’s crack behind your back.



Volley (behind the back)

How To

  1. Start with the horizontally in front of you, pointing to the left
  2. Swing your arm outwards in a circle clockwise
  3. Fully extend your arm and bring it around behind you back
  4. Continue the momentum of the whip by bending your elbow and bringing your arm fully behind your back
  5. Place your palm as high up on your spine as it will go, with your thumb pointing up
    1. Tilt your wrist out slightly so the whip doesn't hit you
    2. Bend over forwards slightly
    3. The thong of the whip should come up behind you and go over both shoulders
  6. Wait for the whip to fully pass over your body
  7. Pull your arm out and swing it back in front of you clockwise