Pig Drover

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The Pig Drover is a unique move where the whip is cracked by throwing a small wave down the thong as it is spun horizontally around your body. Because of the way this crack works, the whip actually comes towards you when doing the crack, so it is important to practice caution. The Pig Drover can be added after almost any horizontal crack, and can also be done multiple times in quick succession while spinning in a circle. It is also called the Hungarian Pig Drover.



  • Repeating Pig Drovers

How To

  1. Swing the whip around your body counter-clockwise
  2. When your arm is straight out in front of you, pause your arm and let the thong continue travelling
  3. Wait for the thong to pass the handle, and then swing your arm along the same path so it catches up
    • Make sure to keep some distance between yourself and the whip so it doesn't hit you