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What Is It

The Facebook group Whip Cracking 101: The Monthly Challenge was created in 2021 as a way to improve the skills of the whip cracking community and help it grow. It is the brainchild of Isaac Eliason and Justin Bereczki. The group is set as a "private" Facebook group, meaning you have to request access to the group, but that is just a formality to keep the group limited to people that are truly interested in Sport Whip Cracking.

As of March 2022 the group has almost 1,000 members.

According to their Facebook page-

On the first day of every month, we will post a set of videos that will show and teach you that month's challenge. These videos will have a combination of a few cracks that you need to complete by the end of the month. When you have completed or attempted the challenge, post a video of it in this group. Every challenge that you complete will get you an entry into a raffle that we will hold at the end of the year.
When you post your video, expect to get encouragement, feedback, and advice from the community. In return, we hope that you will do the same! The goal of this group is for us all to work together to become better whip crackers.

Although the group really isn't about creating a whip cracking curriculum, the challenges do provide a good opportunity to learn cracks, combinations, and other skills that the participants might not be familiar with.

Because the group operates without any fees, they appreciate prize donations for their end of year raffle.

How Does It Work

Each month the group releases three challenges created by a whip cracker of significant skill.

The month's challenges are usually related by a particular skill set or theme and frequently build off of each other, in a basic, intermediate, and advanced type of difficulty. Participants are encouraged to learn the combinations, film themselves then post the video's to the group. Only one raffle entry can be earned per month, but participants are encouraged to film and all three challenges to the group if they are able to perform them.

The group prides themselves on being supportive of each other, giving advice and encouragement to every participant.

Here's Justin's full explanation of the group (youtube)

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