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When getting together with other whip crackers, having some whip games to play helps keep things interesting! Not all games need to be contests either, they just need to be challenging.

Targeting Games

Toilet Paper Merry-Go-Round

Tie a long string (6-8') onto a roll of toilet paper. One person stands in the middle of a circle and spins the toilet paper overhead with a streamer of 2-3' long hanging off. People around the circle try to take of bits of the paper. Goal is to get as many little pieces off the roll as you can.

Speed Draw

Set up targets. Pick a crack to be used. Optionally, allow contestants to measure and check their distance. Once ready, contestants start with their whip coiled up in the hand that will be performing the crack. Starter signals "GO!" with no countdown (this makes it easier to be certain that one person didn't start to early)

Pasta Cutting

Mount a piece of pasta (vertically or horizontally) and see how many bits you can crack off of it.

Water Balloon Toss

Partner underhand tosses a balloon at your face, crack it out of the sky.

Shrinking Targets

Start with an easy target. Contestants get three chances to knock it off a stand. After each round the target gets smaller and smaller. To prevent the players from simply hitting the stand and skimming across the surface to hit the target, the target should be placed on top of something that would be easily knocked off the stand, perhaps a pill bottle.

  • 16ox water bottle
  • 8oz water bottles
  • Wiffle ball (balance it in an upside down water bottle cap)
  • Ping pong ball (balance it in an upside down water bottle cap)
  • Large cap from an orange juice bottle
  • Small cap from a water bottle
  • Small candies (Tic-Tacs)

Dizzy Targets

A target is setup up and contestants get to measure and set their distance. Starter signals "GO!" Contestants spin around 10 times and then try to hit the target.


Like the basketball game. First person picks a target and a crack. Second person has to do the same or gets an "H". If they succeed then they get to pick the next target and crack.

Whip Soccer

This game requires a smooth, whip safe surface to play on, linoleum, hardwood, or vinyl mats work well. A large rectangular playing area is defined, perhaps with lines on the floor, or cones, or even chairs. The center of the the rectangle should be marked as well. Two players face each other on opposite ends of the rectangle. Using a whiffle ball, the players try to use cracks to send the ball out the back of the other player's area. Cracking the whip to hit the ball back and forth. Players are only allowed to hit the ball when it's on their side of of the playing area.

Non Targeting Games

Add On

Make a circle. Someone starts by performing a crack. Next person does that crack and adds one more, next person does those two cracks and adds one more, etc. All cracks must be clean (audible and don't hit yourself). You have three tries to get it right.

Whip Potato

Make a circle. Only one whip needed for the group. Set a timer. When the timer starts, person with the whip does a crack, then hands it to the next person, they crack it as fast as possible and pass it on to the next. Whoever has the whip when the timer runs out is out. Continue until only one person is left.