Underhand Flick (bowling)

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The motion of the crack is very similar to bowling. I can be done with the palm facing forward towards your imaginary target or backwards, though most find it easier to get a good crack with the palm in the forward position.




How To

  1. Start with the whip laying out straight behind you
    1. Your arm should stretched out behind you, at about 45 degrees, in a straight line with the whip
  2. Swing your arm forward until it's about 45 degrees in front of you
  3. As you swing your arm forward, don't let the nose of the whip move in an arc just because your arm is
    1. Try to keep the "nose" of the whip at the same height off off the ground through your entire motion.
    2. Bend your elbow slightly as it moves forward, then extend it again as you pass the line of your body
  4. Snap the wrist forward slightly
    1. Do not try to snap the whip back, and don't just freeze your motion at this point either. Anticipate that the whip will want to continue rising and allow it to continue in an arc over your head and back to the ground behind you by continuing your arm's motion up over your head and behind you again.