Singleton Special

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The Singleton Special is a horizontal crack that happens underneath your feet. It was created by Andrew Thomas and comes from a two handed routine of his with the same name. The Singleton Special is a difficult and very impressive move because it requires jumping over the whip and cracking it at the same time. It is most easily performed with a stock whip.



How To

  1. Start with the whip lying horizontally on the ground in front of you, with the thong pointing to the left
  2. Swing the whip clockwise around your body, keeping it low to the ground
  3. When the whip comes behind your feet, jump up and let it travel underneath you
  4. As the whip is underneath your feet, move your arm out to the side slightly
  5. Once the whip has passed under your feet, swing your arm across your body in a sweeping motion in front of you