Elbow Toss

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This is a release where you will roll the whip off your elbow, toss it in the air, then catch it.



How To

  1. Start by bringing your whip up as if to do a Cattleman's Crack
    1. Keep your upper arm pointing to the side
  2. Instead of cracking the whip, just pause and wait till the thong of the whip wraps under your triceps
  3. As the thong wraps around your triceps and starts coming up in front, let go of the handle and grab the thong
  4. Fling the whip into the air
    1. You need to give it enough of a toss so that the whip will have time to turn over in the air
  5. Catch the whip with the thong trailing out behind you
    1. The catch can be done with the same hand or the toss can be used as a way to transfer the whip to your other hand
  6. (Optional) finish a Cattleman's Crack