Sport Whip Cracking

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Sport Whip Cracking (SWC)

What It Is

Sport Whip Cracking can be defined as "whip cracking with the goal of entertaining oneself and others". Although we refer to it as "Sport" Whip Cracking, and competition can be an aspect of it, the name is more a reflection of the techniques involved than the competitive aspects. SWC includes many areas of whip cracking skills but each individual is free to determine their own specific interests.

Sport Whip Cracking includes...

  • Recreational/hobby users
  • Professional circus/show cracking
  • Complex/Rhythmic patterns
  • Trick whipping
  • Targeting
  • Artistic cracking
  • Flow arts

What It's Not

Sometimes it's easier to define something by pointing out what it's not, some valid uses of whips simply don't fall under the heading of SWC. Also, it must be recognized that, over the thousands of years that they have existed, whips have indeed been used for cruel or evil purposes. While we recognize that dark history does exist, we would like to emphasize that the people that participate in SWC are trying to change that view of whips and help the rest of the world understand that is not what SWC is about.

Sport Whip Cracking is not about...

  • Herding/driving/working animals
  • BDSM
  • Abuse
  • Racism
  • Slavery