Overhead Backwards

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Using the same rotational motion as the Overhead Crack, this might be seen as just a timing variation. Instead of cracking in front of you, this will will crack behind you.


Safety glasses are strongly encouraged when learning this technique. While learning any new whip crack, proper safety equipment is strongly encouraged. This crack can be especially dangerous as the crack will be coming right back towards your face.



How To

  1. Swing your whip up over head in the same motion used for the Overhead Crack
  2. Allow the whip to continue its rotation pass the point where you would normally execute the Overhead Crack
    1. Continue to rotate your wrist until it has turned to fully face to the rear
    2. The handle of your whip should be level with the ground
  3. Once the whip has passed in front of you, snap your wrist back, making the whip crack behind you