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Getting Started With Editing

WELCOME, and thank you for your interest in helping build! To do any editing you must first be logged in. Right now self-registration is locked thanks to spammer bots. If you would like to contribute please contact me (John Cantin) on Facebook, Reddit, or Discord and I'll be happy to create a login for you!

If you've never edited a wiki before it can be a little daunting at first, but don't worry to much, any mistakes that you might make can be undone as a complete history of all changes are kept. One of the first hurdles of editing a wiki page is the fact that we don't have a WYSIWYG editor. Editing a page requires a little bit more work than just editing a word document. Here are some editing directions to help you get started. If nothing else, you can always find a page similar in look to what you're trying to create and select "edit" just to see how it's done then cancel out of it.

If you have something that you want to add/delete/fix on an existing page, just use the "edit" button in the upper left area of the page.

The software being used to support is called "mediawiki". If you're unsure how to do something you can google mediawiki and the subject matter. The mediawiki site has lots of detailed information on how to use the software.

Adding a Page

Wondering how to add a page? Just search for it. If it doesn't exist already the site will give you the option to create it. To format it nicely, select any other page and use it as a template. A template exists for creating pages on cracks and even if the page you're creating is not for a crack it may still be a useful starting point. An intro to the wiki markup language can be found here Cheatsheet and if you're ambitious, the great and gruesome details of all the wiki markup language can be found here Wiki Markup.

If you're trying to write a technique description please start with the Technique Template and read the section below on "constancy".


In an effort to present techniques in a consistent manner, please use the following guidelines.

Technique Descriptions

Try to avoid using "left" and "right", "clockwise" and "counter clockwise". If you can't figure out a way to describe the techniques without using those terms then always describe them from a right handed person's perspective. It's not necessary to explain "if you're right handed do X if your left handed do Y".


For links to other pages within please use the double square brackets, not the single square brackets. Single square brackets imply a link to an external site and the user will see an icon indicating the them that the link will take them away. For internal links try not to rename the link using the pipe "|" character. For video links please include the name of the video artist, whether or not the video is instructional or just a demonstration, and the hosting site for the video

Internal Links

  [[Internal Link]]  

External Links

  [ External Link]  

Video Links

  [ Fast Figure Eight - Instructional - Canada Whips (youtube)]