Cookie Cutter

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This is an unusual crack that that works off of a combination of a body wrap and a fling off of your off side hand. There is a reverse Cookie Cutter as well, but only the regular version is described here.

How To

  1. Wrap the whip around your back
    1. You want to trap your free hand under the thong, but don't start with it tight against your body, reach out and meet the thong with ample space between your hand and your waist.
  2. As the whip makes contact with the back of your wrist, rock your weight to your rear leg and let you free hand collapse to your waist
    1. As your free hand comes to your waist, your other hand will have to pull backwards too, to keep the thong taut between your two hands
    2. Let the whip's motion die, try to get the whip to lay down on the ground pointing slightly away from you
  3. Rock your weight forward and fling the thong forward with the back of your wrist
    1. As you fling the thong forward the hand behind your back will also have to move forward (otherwise you'll give yourself a rope burn on the back of your wrist)
    2. After your whip has lost contact with your free hand you can pull back on the handle to help the crack happen