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The arrowhead is a four crack pattern that travels back and forth across your body and creates an arrow shape when looking at it from above. The cracks in the arrowhead are very similar to the cracks in the volley in that they go back and forth, but the difference is that they are also used to change the location of the whip in relation to your body. The arrowhead is generally the easiest to learn on a stock whip, but it is possible with whips of any type.



  • Arrowhead (while pivoting)

How To

  1. Start with a cattleman's crack or front volley crack that aims diagonally towards your opposite side
  2. Twist your wrist so your palm is facing up
  3. Turn your whole arm over and bring the whip back for a crack aimed backwards on the opposite side
  4. Bring your arm forward again, this time pointing diagonally to your dominant side
  5. Do a backward crack on your dominant side similar to the second crack in the Fast Figure Eight